Facebook + BigCommerce - Explainer Video
Surge - The Ultimate Gel Blaster
Volcon Stag Launch Video
Coca-Cola - Starlight Launch & Various Content
Gas South - Broadcast Campaign (Emmy Nominated)
Google Cloud - Animated Explainer Videos
Zen Business - Animated Explainer Videos
Atlanta Braves Broadcast Campaign (Emmy Nominated)
Bud Light SXSW Video Loop (Telly Award Winner)
3DR Solo Drone - Product Launch Materials
Augur - Launch Video
Volcon Electric Vehicles Launch Video
Marvell - Product Launch Video
Lift eFoil CGI Montage
Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Explainer Video Series
Teslasuit - Product Launch + Enterprise Content
Freshie - Brand Lauch Video
Nexus Launch Video
Gel Blaster - Piranha Launch Video
World View - Platform Overview Video
Bounty0x - Launch Video
Gellet VS - Gel Blaster takes on a Tesla Supercar
Robotics U - Educational In-App Content
Atlanta Braves - Holiday Promotion Broadcast Spot
CoolSculpting at Figura Med Spa
Fans 1st Studio - Launch Video
TrackingPoint - AR Product Teaser Video
Folloze - Platform Launch Video
Dead Air Silencers - The Good, The Bad, and The Quiet
Festy Besty - SXSW Event + Brand Video + Product Launch
Flugato - Overview Video
Rocky Mountain Scientific Laboratory - Brand Video
Brace Built - Brand + Product Launch
Lift eFoil - Instructional Video Series
3DR - Wisco Disco
AMMA - Hemp for Healing
3DR Solo - On Set with Michael Bay for 13 Hours
Gel Blaster - Nova Spotlight Launch
Yuneec H520 Drone - Case Study Series
Wells Fargo - ECM&D Platform Explainer Video
Lift Aircraft - First Manned Flight
TrackingPoint - AR Series + Wearables - Viral Video
AI Drilling Platform Concept Video
SEC on CSS - Broadcast Spot
Teal Drones - Golden Eagle Launch Video
AimLock Platfrom Overview Video
Guinn Partners - Company Process Videos
3DR Solo Drone - Introducing New Features
ECOS Plant Powered Products
Gel Blaster - Starfire Lineup
Tender and True - Certifiably Better Campaign
Atlanta Braves Broadcast Spots (Assorted, 2012 - 2014)
Dolphin 1 Launch Video
Gel Blaster - Portal Launch Video
BitPay - Overview Video
TrackingPoint - AR Series Launch Video
Vantage Robotics - Vesper Launch Video
3DR Solo Drone - Malta
Teal Drones - Brand Video
Accufire - Noctis Product Launch Video
3DR - Life After Gravity -Episode 2
TrackingPoint - Rewriting the Alamo
DavTech CoPilot - Product Launch Video
Breo Wellness Devices
Gel Blaster - 0:30 Holiday Spot
Atlanta Braves 2012 Broadcast Campaign
Auterion - Skynode Launch Video
Western Digital - Introducing WD RED PRO
Atlanta Hawks - Broadcast Spots
Alti Product Line Overview
TrackingPoint - Various Videos (2012 -2015)
3DR Solo Drone - Teaser Video
Twin Flame Charter Promotional Video
Lone Star Circle of Care - Brand Video
Atlanta Braves 2011 Broadcast Campaign
Gel Blaster - Barracuda Launch Video
Cox Media Group - Exclusive Brands
Oracle / Eloqua - Various Projects
RIIS - Trade Show Video Loop
Mobile Art Experience - Heinekin x Montana x 3DR
3DR - Solo Over Sicilia
Eden Grow Systems CGI Animation
Bula Apparel
Cosmic Poison Arrow - Music Video
Atlanta Thrashers NHL Broadcast Campaign
Prudential Animated Infographic
3DR Solo Drone - Site Scan Product Launch
Cobb EMC Broadcast Campaign
FleetCards USA
Blue Sky Agency - Motion Reel
Oracle / Eloqua - Journey to Modern Marketing
The Mammoths - Green Eyes (Music Video)
Hold That Tone - Spoof Gameshow
Bristol Motor Speedway "Bucket List" TV Spot
Rare Country Awards
Meta Product Teaser
Kellogg's Cheez-It - The 5 Stages of Hunger
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