Festy Besty Brand Launch + SXSW 2019 Event Content
Festy World SXSW 2019 Event

Female festival fashion brand Festy Besty turned to Wise Visuals to maximize their SXSW 2019 footprint. Festy Besty’s audience is primarily on Instagram, and the goal was to reach them where they are and introduce the new SUPER-AIR boot line. The solution: Create an event doubling as a video shoot to get 3 distinct looks over a 4 hour period; day, sunset, and night. The Event was an official SXSW event open to the public, and the video shoot portion happened along side the public-facing event. Over the next 3 days, instagram posts and stories documenting the different parts of the events and showing off the SUPER-AIR product line dropped, featuring the 3 different looks of the event. To Festy Besty’s instagram audience, it looked like the brand was putting on a massive event that appeared to be happening over 3 days. The event included aerial silk dancers, fire spinners, super cars and muscle cars, motorcycle gangs, VR games, DJs, adult beverage sponsors, and best of all… drift trike rides.  Wise Visuals put together an event crew of over 30 people to make the event a success.

Produced by Wise Visuals and Laurissa Phillips 
Directed by Jonathan Mayo-Buttry of Wise Visuals
Assistant Producers: Kari Burke, Derek Gildersleeve + Originator Studios, Johnny Kerr
Video Crew: Jonathan Mayo-Buttry, Derek Gildersleeve, Xander Clark, Robbie Hull, John Jackson
Aerial Unit: Jonathan Mayo-Buttry
Photo: Oren Schauble, Kate Blaising
Event Crew: Kate Blaising, Kelly Webster
Set Dec: Jamie Mayo-Buttry
Performers: Kari Burke - Aerial Silk, Angela Kaylor - Aerial Silk. Nikki Murray - Poi + Drift Trike, Jordan Remar + Crew - Fire
Model: Kelly Cox
Event DJ Sets by: KLO, Jampagne, Lamar
Special thanks to Ballast Point Brewing, SXSW, Originator Studios, KLO, Jack Gallagher, Kodoma, Chris Bradley @ BradleyWest, Artie Abello and Physicians Premier, Kelly Cox + Recover 180
Festy World Event Promo
Festy Besty Brand Video
Drop Announcement - SUPER-AIR Iridescent Combat Boot
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