Lift eFoil Instructional Videos

Lift Foils had no problem racking up millions of views with their eFoil, a board attached to a mast with an underwater wing and an electric propeller that lets you glide above the water. The thing sells itself. They did, however, face the challenge of creating informational content on how to assemble, set up, maintain, and learn how to ride the $12,000 board that can be severely dangerous if not handled properly. Jonathan Mayo-Buttry and Colin Guinn worked with Lift Foils to write, shoot, and produce a 7-video instructional series to ensuring a safe, fun, optimal experience with the Lift eFoil.
Client: Lift Foils
Produced by Guinn Partners
Director: Jonathan Mayo-Buttry
Aerial Unit: Colin Guinn and Bradford King
Ground Unit: Jonathan Mayo-Buttry
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