Atlanta Braves - Holiday Promotion Broadcast Spot

Client: Atlanta Braves/Blue Sky Agency
Design, Texturing, Direction & 3D Modeling + Animation: Jonathan Mayo-Buttry
Art Direction: Zach Silverman

This was a fun one, not to mention ambitious for a 0:30 spot created in Cinema 4D, complete with character design and animation to be completed in-house by a team of two in under two weeks. Blue Sky Agency Art Director Zach Silverman came up with the idea of referencing the 1964 classic claymation program "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" to create a Christmas story for the Braves. After designing the characters in 2D, we began building them in Cinema 4D. The textures seen here are from actual doll clothes and action figure outfits. We photographed the details, compositied them as needed and applied them to the characters in 3D. It was a blast to work on.
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